Reach new heights in your food business

Ready to take your food business to the next level?

As an operating and established food business, joining FoodINC can offer you:

  • Access to affordable kitchen spaces for extra production, food piloting, and prototyping new product or diverse production runs
  • Low-cost professional development support through the FoodINC┬ápartners and affiliates
  • Project management support and resources for specific services
  • Connections to financial, logistics, legal, sales and marketing networks through FoodINC ┬ápartners and supporters.
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Once you have registered for our Grow program, FoodINC will work with you to assess the best ways for you to leverage our program assets, expertise, partners and advisors to help you achieve business success.

Access to the Grow program involves the following:

  • An annual subscription cost of $450 which includes security and access cards; digital channel access to the FoodINC website and platform; onboarding documents and welcome pack (e.g. apron); and a 50% discount on all professional training and development from MIC
  • Kitchen access starting from an hourly rate of $40
  • Volume discounts at more than 8 hours and more than 16 hours

FoodINC can also offer dedicated project management, food tech, food safety and exporting support under the Grow+ program. To know more about the services available for established businesses within the Grow+ offering please contact Lou Zarro on 0418 163 523 or email

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