Developing a Food Business

Want to learn the essential steps
to becoming a foodpreneur?

By joining the Learn program at FoodINC, you will learn the essential steps to becoming a foodpreneur and an active part of Melbourne’s diverse food sector. Lessons that you will learn include:

  • Costs associated with establishing a food business
  • Commercial kitchen essentials
  • Food Safety, OHS, and compliance essentials for starting your business
  • Marketing, digital essentials, and business support for new businesses
  • Connections to financial, logistics, legal, sales and marketing networks through partners and supporters of FoodINC
Register Your Interest

Once you have registered, FoodINC will work with you to achieve best practice, offering you training, advice and support to launch your business.

Access to the Learn program involves the following:

  • An annual subscription cost of $350 which includes security and access cards; digital channel access to the FoodINC website and platform; onboarding documents and welcome pack (e.g. apron); and a 50% discount on all professional training and development from MIC
  • Kitchen access starting at an hourly rate of $40
  • Volume discounts at more than 8 hours and more than 16 hours

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