Begin your food business journey

Ready to take the next step as a foodpreneur?

Joining FoodINC when you have a product or business concept and a some initial sales will help you boost your business success by connecting you with:

  • Affordable kitchen space production and advice on how to maximise your time in a commercial kitchen
  • Low cost professional development across topics like food tech, digital marketing, business strategy, and more
  • Connections to financial, logistics, legal, sales and marketing networks through FoodINC partners and supporters.
Register Your Interest

Once you have registered, FoodINC will work with you to assess the best options for starting in our commercial kitchens, developing your sales and marketing expertise, and properly commencing your journey to food business success.

Access to the Start program involves the following:

  • An annual subscription cost of $350, which includes security and access cards; digital channel access to the FoodINC website and platform; onboarding documents and welcome pack (e.g. apron); and a 50% discount on all professional training and development from MIC
  • Kitchen access starting from an hourly rate of $40
  • Volume discounts at more than 8 hours and more than 16 hours

Register your interest